Garage Door Keypads, Transmitters, & Circuit Boards in Parker



Installing a keypad for your residence’s garage door provides simple and convenient accessibility to your home, which is often needed during the most inopportune of times like forgetting your keys inside, and is also conducive for circumstances in which you need to let someone into your home but for one reason or another cannot give them your keys. Garage door keypads incorporate a lot of small and intricate bits and pieces, which can be severely damaged if the person installing them doesn’t know what they’re doing or decided to just wing it. Instead of taking the risk by installing, repairing, or servicing your garage door keypad yourself, its best left up to the expert technicians at Mountain View Doors to get it done quickly, dependably, and correctly the first time to avoid the possibility of damaging the expensive equipment.



Garage door transmitters (or remotes) are mechanized pieces of equipment that are responsible for the opening and closing of your garage door. Garage door transmitters function by transmitting a signal at a specific frequency that only the garage door’s receiver can decipher, then the receiver either opens or closes the garage door based on the position it is currently in- if the signal is transmitted while the garage door is open, then the door will close; if the signal is transmitted while the garage door is closed, then the door will open. Mountain View Doors carries a wide range of garage door transmitter makes and models, and can certainly assist you in choosing one that meets both your criterion and needs as well as your budget. For any and all questions regarding garage door transmitters for your home, please don’t hesitate to give the experience technicians at Mountain View Doors a call today.

Circuit Boards


Think of your garage door’s circuit board as the mind of your garage door opener; more often than not, when your garage door opener system is malfunctioning, it is due to a problem with the circuit board. Many garage door servicing companies will incorrectly and unethically suggest that you need to replace the entire system in order to restore it to optimal functionality, but this is almost never the case, so don’t fall prey to their scheme to unnecessarily solicit money from you. Since it is difficult for the untrained eye to tell if and why a garage door’s circuit board is not operating correctly, it’s best to give the experienced, knowledgeable, and honest technicians at Mountain View Doors to come and diagnose the problem for you. We carry a wide variety of makes and models of circuit boards, so we can definitely find one that fits your needs and falls within your budget. If you have reason to think that your garage door’s circuit board is not operating correctly, give Mountain View Doors a call first to quickly and reliably figure out the cause of the problem and get your garage door up and running as soon as possible.