Garage Door Photo Eyes and Safety Features in Parker

Your garage door’s photo eyes, or what are more commonly referred to as safety sensors, adapted for the previous complications and safety risks with garage doors, in which they used to operate on two fundamental precepts: If your garage door was open, then the computerized system shuts it; if your garage door was shut, then the computerized system opens it. Herein lies the potential safety risk- there was nothing standing in the way, or taking any precautions, against the door closing on and crushing whomever or whatever may be standing in its path.

In order to account for these risks, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) enacted a mandate in 1992 which made it obligatory for all automatic garage door openers to incorporate photo eyes/safety sensors components close to the garage floor, just inside of the garage door. These photo eyes function by transmitting a sensor of light through the door’s opening to the other side of the door where another sensor is located, which acts as the receiver. If anything happens to impede on the transmitted signal, the door cannot close. As photo eyes are a requirement on all automated garage door openers, ensure that you have one installed and that it is at optimal performance. Mountain View Doors understands that your garage door’s photo eyes, or sensors, safeguard yourself, your family, and even your possessions. As a result, Mountain View Doors’ highly-qualified and experienced technicians can install a photo eye sensor system that meets your needs that is also within your budget, repair your existing and broken system, or provide routine servicing to insure it is operating at optimal functionality. For any and all questions you may have regarding photo eye installation, repair, or servicing, please don’t hesitate to give us a call; we’re here to help!