Garage Door Rollers and Cable Services in Parker


Rollers & cables are two of the most common parts on the garage door to go bad. Rollers are a key part to a garage doors operation. The rollers hold all the weight of the door when in the open position. You always want good working rollers with ball bearings so the door can roll smooth & consistent. Rollers without ball bearings tend to drag & slide causing door & opener operation issues. Neglecting to lube rollers can cause metal on metal drag that will also cause operation issues. The best roller to put on your door is a 11 bearing roller (loaded at 75lbs per roller for 15,000 cycles) with a nylon coating on the outside. The bearings roll with a load & the nylon eliminates metal on metal drag for a smoother & quieter operation. It’s the cheapest way to reduce the noise of most doors.

Cables hold all the weight & spring tension while winding & unwinding around the drums on each end or through the sheave wheels. Broken cables cause door to go crooked & damage more parts than just the cable. Its always best to catch early when they start to fray. Cables are highly dangerous to mess with if you don’t know what you doing cause they hold spring tension & door weight.